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We ship this unique book worldwide from our warehouse in Israel.  You will truly get the feeling of being at the wonderful mountains of Israel when you see the beautiful pictures and amazing scriptures together. Don’t hesitate, bring this blessing to your home and buy it now!

Cover bookThis book takes you on a unique and incredibly exciting journey through the Mountains of Israel. Today these mountains are perhaps better known as the West Bank. And most people wouldn’t think of this place as a taste of heaven, but would rather associate it with major conflicts that world leaders have tried to solve for decades. The Mountains of Israel are today among the world’s most talked-about places, if not the most talked about – but these mountains also have another story to tell. About 85 percent of the Bible refers to these mountains, or was written from them. In other words, this is the Bible’s heartland!

This exciting journey through the Mountains of Israel is rounded out by a dose of insight into Jewish wisdom in the form of short stories that have been passed down through generations. With its beautiful pictures, exciting scriptures and Jewish wisdom, this book will truly leave you with a taste of heaven. Taste and see!English map Israelx

About the authers:

Britt Lode lives in Norway with her beautiful family of five. For more than fifteen years she has had a special interest in Israel, and especially in the mountains of Judea and Samaria. She is passionate about fostering peace between Christians and Jews and about making the information about their common heritage and common goal readily available.

Rabbi Yitschak Naki is born and bred in Jerusalem and the founder of the Noam Eliezer Torah and Grace Institute, which trains rabbis to teach the youth the word of God and provides help to needy families. Rabbi Naki is active in forging connections between Jews and Christians.

Published by Gefen Publishing, Israel, and Oljetreet Publishing, Norway. ISBN 13: 9788299898126

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